Customer Testimonials

First class service – pleasant, personable, professional, and on time

I want to contact you regarding the recent work your firm did for me in removal, cleaning, and rehanging drapes. I was on site when your folks, Patrick and Melvin, returned and installed the drapes. They could not have been more pleasant, personable, and professional. They were on time, installed the drapes quickly and correctly, and were very pleasant to deal with. The cleaning of the drapes was very successful, and the few wrinkles have “hung out” as Patrick and Melvin said they would.

Realizing that this was a very small job, I am amazed at the service I have gotten from your firm. From my first phone conversation (Kee, Kay, Kasey- not sure which), to the finished product, it has been first class. I am fairly certain that your profit margin on this project was all but non-existent, but be assured that I will contact you in the future with any additional work, which hopefully may be more lucrative.

Mike Barr, Property Manager/Vane Brothers

Grateful for your service

I just called to let you know how thankful I am for your services and how pleased I was with my entire order. You were fantastic! and I would recommend you to anyone! Even with my COPD everything turned out so well. Everyone from your company, from the first person who contacted me, have all had positive and uplifting attitudes! You have all been courteous, polite, trustworthy, and just excellent! I prayed that the Lord would bless everyone in your company because of what a blessing you have been to me! You have all been so thoughtful and considerate. You are excellent when it comes to service and your company has the personal touch that I haven’t experienced with anyone else. With other companies I have felt like just a number, but with you I really felt like you cared for me even though I know you are dealing with a lot of other people too. I am so grateful for your service.

- Linda Phillips

Like a miracle

You were the only ones in this whole process that provided real relief for me and my husband and we are so thankful for your company. I have been so impressed by your service throughout the whole process and I will be putting this in writing. You have a great name, “ReNew” because you “restored my and my husband’s life!” My clothes came back smelling so fresh, they were all so crisp and so neat. I thought it was like a miracle how nice everything came back! Your customer service has been excellent, your field employees have been so wonderful and helpful. I am also going to call my adjuster this morning and tell her what a great job you’ve done!

- Debbie Saunders

Happy, appreciative, and impressed

I am so happy and appreciative of your services! I was very impressed by your Field Representative Chris and I would give him “a 100 percent!” I was so surprised that he was willing to help make my beds up. I ask that you tell Chris thank you and tell his manager what a great job he did! I was also very impressed with the clothes-my clothes have never been so clean in my life! They are wonderful!

- Estella Perry

Clothing cleaner than ever before!

My final delivery went very well and Moultrie did a really great job. He was very polite and insisted on bringing everything in and putting it up himself. I was so happy about my clothing items- they were cleaner than they had ever been before!

- Ronald Hall

The best and fastest service possible

We suffered an unusual vandalism at our church. As our loss was extensive, we needed the best and fastest service possible. We made an agreement with A&I Fire and Water Restoration Company to complete our work. As part of their sub-contracting, they arranged for you to clean all the choir robes, fabric blinds, table covers and other miscellaneous items. You cleaned all these items in a professional manner and returned them in a good time frame. You are complimented in completing this important job. I would recommend you to anyone who might need your service. May God’s blessings be with you.

- Al Beard, Calabash Presbyterian Church

Very thorough, helpful, very professional, on time

Freddy was very thorough and helpful on the initial pickup, very professional, on time and helpful.

- Jerry Schultz

People were nice, very satisfied

Your people were nice, and I am very satisfied with your work.

- Tony and Deb Lovette

Really helpful

Henry and Melody were both really helpful; overall I am very satisfied with your work.

- Bryan Koon

Restoring our client’s way of life…one garment at a time!

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