Choosing a Restoration Service

Choosing a Restoration Service

As Fabric Restoration Specialists, we serve three customers on any given claim:

The policyholder who has experienced a loss, the adjuster handling the claim, and the contractor doing the cleanup and rebuild.

We work very hard to understand and meet the unique needs of each party involved in order to enhance their claim management experience.

The following are examples of each:

For the Policyholder

  • Convenient scheduling options
  • Empathetic approach to each insured
  • Highly responsive communication
  • Red carpet delivery services

For the Adjuster

  • Appropriate, fast, and thorough documentation
  • Comforting and necessary services provided for the insured at a reasonable price
  • Proactive claim management

For the Contractor

  • Subcontractors that are easy to work with, reliable, and responsive
  • Reduced administrative tasks required to ensure this aspect of the claim is properly coordinated

Restoring our client’s way of life…one garment at a time!

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